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MTB Alpine Cup 2019



The Alpine arc as a playground

The HERO Südtirol Dolomites in Italy, the MB Race in France, the Grand Raid in Switzerland and the Forestière in France have decided to regroup to launch a new challenge: the MTB Alpine Cup. These four major races have a common geographical denominator: the alpine arc. "The objective is to put forward our territories through 4 exceptional races. These 4 events offer participants the opportunity to discover 4 extraordinary playgrounds around the most beautiful alpine massifs.

Approved by the UCI

The HERO Südtirol Dolomites, the MB Race, the Grand Raid and the Forestière are all part of the UCI Marathons Series circuit. The MTB Alpine Cup is not a world cup but rather a challenge including the most beautiful MTB marathon events in Europe.

Who will be the king?

This challenge proposes to push the limits even further! The pilots will fight four battles to try to ascend the throne and become the king or queen of the MTB Alpine Cup. More than 450km and 19500m of positive gradients accumulated on these 4 events, the MTB Alpine Cup is an extraordinary challenge. Like the Grand Slam tournaments, in the field of tennis, the leaders will defend their crown on each stage and the final winner will be designated at the end of the La Forestiere, the final stage of the challenge. The ranking will be based on the number of points scored on the 4 races. To congratulate such performances, interesting prize money and a trophy will reward the "kings" of the ATV marathon.


From 18 to 21 June 2020 the HERO Bike Festival will host four days of events and excursions all designed to celebrate mountain biking and to have the opportunity to experience The Dolomites biking in this wonderful area. The BMW Südtirol Dolomites marathon is the highpoint of the Festival: on Saturday 20th of June the BMW Südtirol Dolomites will be titled after 86km with 4500 meters of altitude difference and 60km with 3200 meters of altitude difference. 4,020 bikers from more than 40 countries will compete over the world's toughest and most fascinating MTB route. Being finisher of the HERO race is not an easy task and a great number fail: This is what makes this race a unique experience!

The MB RACE started in 2010. This mountain bike race, held in the magnificent Portes du Mont-Blanc region, is as challenging as it is awe-inspiring. It is the longest one-day event in the mountain biking worldwide – 140 km with 7000 metres of elevation gain. In 2010, only one competitor out of 600 starters finished the race, earning it the title of the world’s toughest marathon MTB race. For the first time in 2015, the race was integrated into the UCI calendar and 2027 racers came to compete in Combloux & Megève. This is a true achievement for the whole organisation, led by a 20-member committee with the support of 450 volunteers. In 2020, for its 10th anniversary, the race will take place on 3rd to 5th July in Megève. Combloux will also be in the spotlight as the secondary village. The event is OPEN FOR EVERYONE with 8 races: MB ultra, MB classic (+eClassic), MB enduro, MB cadet, MB kids, MB FTT, Mini Bike.

The GRAND RAID BCVS - Swiss Mountain Bike Race Marathon is the largest mountain bike race in Europe, with an average of 3'000 participants from 29 countries and more than 30'000 spectators. The GRAND RAID BCVS stands out as the world's leading mountain bike race. It competes and exceeds in interest and in number of riders the races of the world championship of VTT. The departure of the Marathon is located in the resort of Verbier, in the Val de Bagnes. The finish, after more than 125km and more than 5'000 m altitude difference, is located in the charming resort of Grimentz, in the Val d'Anniviers. 4 departures are available: Nendaz (92 km), Hérémence (68 km), Evolène (37 km). The GRAND RAID BCVS is in the XCM category (Cross Country Marathon). It is registered on the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) and "Swiss Cycling" calendar. The licensed riders can thus earn points in the international ranking. In the middle of the ATV, the GRAND RAID BCVS has become a legendary race.

La FORESTIERE is a mythical event of the French calendar. This autumn legend which takes place on September 12 & 13, 2020 is the "point to point" test, that is to say going from one point to another, the oldest in France. Over the last 27 years, thousands of mountain bikers have been running in the Natural Park of the Jura on courses RANDO D’OR FFC of all levels, ranging from 20 to 100 km to reach the city of ARBENT in the Plastic Valley. La FORESTIERE is two days of fun with a village exhibiting in Arbent with many animations. It is more than 20 starts with a cyclo-sportive, events for children, an Enduro over 2 days and an XCO Juniors. But the key races remain the 100 KM UCI VTT and 75 KM MOUNTAIN BIKES WOMEN UCI POWERED BY BULLS BIKES, events of the World Cup UCI MARATHONS SERIES and final of the ALPINE CUP Challenge. With 2900 meters of altitude, it is not the hardest of the Marathons VTT on the paper, but the distance, the varied and rugged terrain of the Jura Mountains, the vagaries of the weather make this event a legend ... Little news for the amateurs: the 100 KM can be done in mountain bike trekking over 2 days (Rando 100 km).

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