Green event

Sports in harmony with nature

Green Events are planned, organized and realized according to criteria of environmental and social sustainability. Energy efficiency, the management of waste, the creation of added regional values as well as social responsibility are elements that play an essential role in this context. They also reinforce the public and medial perception of the diverse aspects of sustainability.

The organizers of the sports event „HERO Südtirol Dolomites“ regard these diverse criteria and hence obtained the certification “Green Event” by the Landesumweltagentur Südtirol.

The most important measures are:

  • Lenticular products printed on 100 recycled paper
  • Careful waste management: Avoidance and waste segregation
  • Deposit bottles are preferred
  • A large share of the catering products are locally produced and seasonal
  • At least one offered meal is vegetarian
  • Visitors are encouraged to use public transport 

Please help us making this event as sustainable as possible by contributing your share. If you have improvement suggestions for the Green-Event-organization or just want to give us a feedback please send it to:



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