The wafer and the chocolate specialities of Loacker are products coming from the heart of the Dolomites, and produced at a height of 1,000 asl. Quality is the most important characteristic associated with Loacker. The guiding principles of the company’s philosophy are the same as those at the time of its foundation in 1925: high standards, respect for nature and the environment in general, and the selection of the best ingredients. This approach has led to millions of consumers all over the world choosing Loacker.
The Loacker Choco& bars are delicious fragrant wafers with cream and fine layers of milk chocolate.  Their shape makes them ideal for every occasion: at school, at work, after gym, during freetime. The bars come in different taste combinations: Choco& Milk Cereals, Choco& Coco, Choco& Nuts, Choco& White, Choco& Dark e Choco& Espresso and satisfy all the callings of the palate, those of our heroes included, especially when they are looking for that little bit of energy extra to face up to the challenge.

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