Artisanship and sport have much in common. Resistence, mental strength, talent and ability to concentrate are crucial in both fields. As part of HERO-Events representatives of lvh.apa will present the WORLDSKILLS Championships.

The same applies whether it is the national edition of Worldskills Italy or in the international Worldskills format: the young competitors are asked to give all of themselves. Just as happens in the Olympic sporting events, the participants train for many months prior to their event. Once the competition starts, one needs to keep silent, work in the most concentrated of manners and make the best effort possible. At the Worldskills Championships held so far the young artisans from South Tyrol have already demonstrated that they are capable of showing their worth. Since the first Worldskills back in 1997, our athletes have brought home as many as 53 medals. For our province this success demonstrates the importance of a dual training regime.

During the BMW HERO of this year, and scheduled for 15 June, the Worldskills flag will be shown. The flag has been on a long journey already, a long journey overall which will take it to the final destination of the Worldskills championships in Kazan (Russia) in 2019. For further information:



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