Road to hero

Per diventare eroi della HERO Südtirol Dolomites

Energy Strategy

To become a hero of HERO Südtirol Dolomites - the world's most challenging two-wheel MTB marathon - you need your head, legs, heart and the right nutrition.

So Says the ENERVIT Teams

It is not easy to become a hero. You work towards it, step by little step. Becoming an HERO Südtirol Dolomites is a challenge that pushes your endurance to its utmost limits and requires technique, outstanding equipment, the ability to adapt. Like an off-road vehicle, you must be able to deal with mud or dust, or a dirt road, single track, or going up and down over roots and rocks, in the wilderness. Becoming a hero means applying technique, endurance and a trained mind - in other words, physical and mental preparation that must be achieved, among other things, through nutrition and dietary supplements, before, during and after competitions.

Every single instant and action in your preparation - athletic, psychological and nutritional - will help you appreciate the beauty of the competition and the expected result, never loosing sight of the fun of it all, in one of the world's most spectacular mountain settings, the Dolomites.

Prepare yourself with Enervit Carbo Flow

Enervit, which has always known all about nutrition and dietary supplements, looks to the future through the development of products suited to the various needs of athletes. Its science team has designed and launched a highly innovative product, Enervit Carbo Flow.

Flavanols in cocoa 

Enervit Carbo Flow is an exclusive mixture of special carbohydrates enriched with the precious flavanols contained in cocoa. These molecules, which are naturally present in cocoa, help preserve the elasticity of blood vessels, contributing to the normal blood flow that carries oxygen to the muscles and brain. Enervit Carbo Flow contains a special cocoa (Hi Flavanol) with up to 800% more flavanols than traditional cocoa. It also uses a special mixture of carbohydrates and has a low fat content (1.6%). This product is designed for athletes who aim at reaching a state in which all seems perfect.

How to take it

Ideally you should set yourself an aim (a competition or a particularly intense training session) and, in the 2 weeks before that objective, take one measuring spoon a day. Alternatively, if there is only one week before the big day, 2 measuring spoons a day. Make sure you only use milk or water that is lukewarm or at room temperature to prevent the heat-induced degradation of the flavanols.

Advice and tips from the Enervit Team

Elena Casiraghi, a triathlon athlete who is part of the Enervit Team and an eating coach, has some goods tips on how to manage the most challenging MTB marathon.

"Prepare your SRH from breakfast in the days before the competition," says the expert. "You can do it now. Thanks to the cocoa flavanols in Enervit Carbo Flow you can train your muscles during meals as well. These special anti-oxidants allow you to improve the elasticity of blood vessels and the flow of blood to muscles, which translates into increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients and - as result - your performance on the saddle improves. Two spoonfuls in the week before the competition is all it takes - two every morning."

The right breakfast:  "Thanks to Enervit Carbo Flow you can choose carbohydrates - the right ones. Isomaltulose will provide slow-release energy in a small volume, for better energy production from the very first kilometres of the competition. All you need are 2 spoonfuls a day, even on the day of the race, in your breakfast water, skimmed milk or low-fat yoghurt, to have the best benefits two hours after taking it and to benefit from it for the four hours that follow." 




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